Consult Ronnie Banks for Long Hair Style

Ronnie Banks is an artist who is famed for his taper-fade hairstyle. Using that haircut, he has added a lot of attention attracting diversity that is worth studying. Additionally, his style is excellent for darker skin individuals who have a less than perfect hair grade. Basically, Ronnie’s Banks’ hairstyle presentations are excellent, whether they be […]

5 Simple Steps to Swoop Your Hair Bangs

Swoop Bangs Do you want to update your look but too afraid of getting drastic changes? Then you can simply change one part of your hair. In this case, you can try to sweep your bangs to one side. This style of bangs does not require a high maintenance. Yet, it still can give you […]

Express Your Personality with Auburn Hair Colors

Auburn Hair Colors Are you planning on dying your hair but no clue on what color to choose? Then how about auburn hair? It is a variety of red hair color. It will be a perfect choice to go, especially during autumn season. It does not matter whether you want to go in dark red […]

Keri Hilson Braids

Keri Hilson has always dazzled with her hair, ever since she appeared onto the show biz scene. Ranging from her debuting album to her red carpet appearances, Keri Hilson has always impressed us with her hair. It’s actually inspiring to borrow hair styles from her, since she does keep her hair simple, yet attractive. Obviously, […]

11 Best Hairstyles of Janet Jackson

  Being the star she is, Janet Jackson has appeared with many hairstyles throughout the years. Her different hairstyles are actually countless. They make for good catalogs! In this article, we’re going to present some of the hairstyles of Janet Jackson throughout the years. You can model your dream looks based on those hairstyles. Consider […]

Majestic Monica Hairstyles for Your Best Choices

Monica was born in the 80s when hairstyles were long and sponged. Luckily she passed her early years, and when she started her career in 1995, her mature and beautiful voice matched with her sophisticated hairstyle. Ever since we have seen short, long, and colored hairstiles from Monica. She has a Grammy and has sold […]

Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls Skay Jackson has used Over Time

Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls Skay Jackson has used Over Time Skay Jackson is an American young actress born in New York City that has exhibited some cute hairstyles for little black girls along with her career. She started working as a model at the age of 5. Since those early years, Skay has made […]

Contemporary hairstyles for teenage guys

  CONTEMPORARY HAIRSTYLES FOR TEENAGERS Teenage boys are always curious about their haircut. They are always looking for new styles to follow. Although hairstyle depicts one’s personality but one should not give that much importance to it as teenage boys do. It is a universal truth that if you are comfortable with your hairstyle, your […]