Majestic Monica Hairstyles for Your Best Choices

Monica was born in the 80s when hairstyles were long and sponged. Luckily she passed her early years, and when she started her career in 1995, her mature and beautiful voice matched with her sophisticated hairstyle. Ever since we have seen short, long, and colored hairstiles from Monica. She has a Grammy and has sold […]

Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls Skay Jackson has used Over Time

Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls Skay Jackson has used Over Time Skay Jackson is an American young actress born in New York City that has exhibited some cute hairstyles for little black girls along with her career. She started working as a model at the age of 5. Since those early years, Skay has made […]

Contemporary hairstyles for teenage guys

  CONTEMPORARY HAIRSTYLES FOR TEENAGERS Teenage boys are always curious about their haircut. They are always looking for new styles to follow. Although hairstyle depicts one’s personality but one should not give that much importance to it as teenage boys do. It is a universal truth that if you are comfortable with your hairstyle, your […]

Popular Men’s Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top

There are some defining features of the most recent popular men’s hairstyles share and that is having short sides with long on top. The stunning aspect of this trend is the many variations you can pull off with merely having short hair on the sides and long hair on the top.  The style for men’s hair has […]

8 Advices for Short Hairstyles for Men

Men are today more than ever aware of their looks. They have dared to redefine style with seamless hairstyles. You can now find lots of different options for every sort of hair. Don’t be afraid to explore your own style and discover your true self. The definition of a hairstyle for men is as important […]

Get to Know all about Korean Hairstyles

Korean hairstyles are getting trendy. The openness of Korea on the last 20 years has led to a boost on popular culture on clothes and hairstyles. Asian people in general, were very traditional when it comes to clothing and haircuts. The open door to western culture has influenced both worlds, and the Korean hairstyle now […]

Update Your Look with Korean Men Hairstyle

It’s not only women who want to look hot with certain hairstyles, but men also want the same thing. There are many options men can have in order to get a desirable hairstyle. In general, men look cool with a simple haircut but if you are a guy, you deserve to look amazing.  Why don’t […]

The Best Men’s Wavy Hairstyles Ideas of This Century

For much of the 20th century, most of men had the same hairstyles. Anything different from the usual would have been seen with contempt by society, associated with a “hippie” lifestyle and even render one unemployable. That’s why the mens wavy curly hairstyles that we see today are so special – they are accepted by […]