11 Best Hairstyles of Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Braids


Being the star she is, Janet Jackson has appeared with many hairstyles throughout the years. Her different hairstyles are actually countless. They make for good catalogs!

In this article, we’re going to present some of the hairstyles of Janet Jackson throughout the years. You can model your dream looks based on those hairstyles.

Consider them a guide for hair fashion, in case you want to dazzle in a public event!

1.  Janet Jackson’s Braids (As Seen in Poetic Justice).

This one of the celebrity world’s simplest hairstyles, and also one of the most dazzling. It’s actually why we chose to include it first. This hairstyle has often been used by many celebrities, such as Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, Christina Milian, and many more!

This hairstyle first gained prominence in the romantic movie Poetic Justice. It actually aired in 1993, so many of you millennial people might not remember the hairstyle. Just to note, that move starred many celebrities, such as Joe Torry, and even Tupac Shakur!

Janet Jackson Poetic Plaits Janet Jackson Poetic Plaits Janet Jackson Poetic Plaits

But let’s focus on the hairstyle though.

People have been crazy about those braids ever since the movie was released. We’re going to call them the Poetic Justice Braids. You can praise Janet Jackson for those braids. You can also praise her as the reason for the survival of the hairstyle.

Jackson continued to use those braids even after 1993. She actually showed up to the 1994 MTV awards in those braids. Additionally, those braids have lasted to this day with many girls, which is a testament to its high appeal.

It’s the sassiest hairstyle you can adopt, and is excellent to attract attention.

Check the the Clip of JANET JACKSON  BOX BRAIDS


Braids are perfect if you want to style your hair while protecting them. You see, braids allow you to cover a lot of the hair by tying it up. Your hair is less exposed to environmental damage in general. This includes sun damage, or even dry weather that may make the top of your hair fuzzy. This protection of your natural hair also means oil preservation, which kind of keeps it silky, even if you choose to drop the hairstyle.

This hairstyle is also excellent for protectiveness through the year. It’s not a short-term protection tactic.

It’s also convenient to adopt. This hairstyle is low maintenance, and doesn’t require much effort to keep. You can use this hairstyle for long travels, and long exposure to the environment outside home.

You need too little to maintain the Janet Jackson Poetic Justice Braids.


Well, we don’t have much to mention in terms of disadvantages. In fact, the hairstyle has been eternal ever since its adoption. Janet Jackson has often showed up with that hairstyle in public, even after her relationship with current ex-husband Wissam al-Mana.

This hairstyle is something we greatly miss, and we’re happy she decided to revive it. What about you? Are you going to adopt it too?


(2) Short layer cut in addition to soft curls.

Janet Jackson Short layer cut
This was Jackson’s default hair style before reaching fame. Her hairstyle then was short with layer cuts, and small curls. You should check that hairstyle out, as it may fit you too.

(3) Curly cheek-length bob.

Janet Jackson Curly cheek-length bob

Janet Jackson curly cheek-length bob
Jackson used this hairstyle in the 1990s. It was the successor to her control tour hairstyle.

(4) Flawless curls.

Janet Jackson Flawless curls.
Janet Jackson picked up this hairstyle from Dorothy Dandridge. In the 1995 essence awards, this was the hairstyle she showed up in. It is a little matte, and quite reminiscent of the 1950s retro hairstyles.

(5) Cinnamon rings.

Janet Jackson Cinnamon rings

Janet Jackson Cinnamon rings.
Jackson used this hairstyle on the 3rd annual soul awards. She dazzled with her cinnamon rings on the red carpet.

(6) Wet-n-wavy high ponytail.

Janet Jackson Wet-n-wavy high ponytail
Jackson was all smiles in a shiny, wet-n-wavy high ponytail when she arrived at the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards.

(7) Tight Curl Red Stands.

She appeared in Velvet Rope in this hair form. The red color added a shock factor to the looks!

(8) Kinky curls.

Janet Jackson Kinky curls
Janet Jackson showed up to the 28th yearly American music awards using that hairstyle.

(9) Curl Cascade.

Janet Jackson Curl Cascade

Janet Jackson Curl Cascade
The 2002 essence award event was where Jackson showed up with those waist level curls.

(10) Big, blonde curls.

Janet Jackson curly cheek-length bob

Janet Jackson Big, blonde curls 1
We enjoyed Jackson’s large blonde curls which took place in the World Cup of Dubai. We hope we see those again!


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