12 Cutest Korean Hairstyle for Girls You Need to Try

Korean hairstyle girl - Messy Bun

Asymmetrical Bob

This style is the most copied style from the Korean hairstyle book. It’s essentially a bob with longer bangs progressing towards the face. The last bangs that fall over your face are the longest. It’s an extremely slick style that fits the poker straight Oriental hair. It can be a short bob or a longer one.

When it pertains to Korean hairstyles that are replicated in various other parts of the globe, Asymmetrical bobs are most definitely up there with one of the most typical instances. Generally, consider a basic bob, with the enhancement of bangs that are a lot longer and also advance considerably even more down the face. For females with normally slim as well as straight hair, the Asymmetrical bob is definitely best.

Korean hairstyle for girls - Asimetrycal Bob

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