12 Cutest Korean Hairstyle for Girls You Need to Try

Korean hairstyle girl - Messy Bun

The Modern Rapunzel

Long hair has actually constantly been stylish, however when Koreans ladies work their magic on it, this hairstyle becomes something unique. The secret formula is, yet once again, an impressive cut. Korean hairdos, specifically those with long hair, are rarely layered which all the charm resides in the structure of the hair. Wavy or pin-straight, include or not include bangs, the modern-day Rapunzel’s hair is constantly in perfect condition.

Most of us recognize the tale of exactly how Rapunzel, caught in a tower, led down her lengthy streaming locks to enable her prince charming to climb them to release her from the tower, as well as whilst that was just a tale, the hairdo itself is really genuine, or at the very least, variants of it are. In Korean society, lengthy hair has actually been a staple for fairly time, as a result of that amazing things can be finished with lengthy hair. Offering the hair is well preserved, incredible outcomes can be attained.

Korean hairstyle girl - The Modern Rapunzel

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