12 Cutest Korean Hairstyle for Girls You Need to Try

Korean hairstyle girl - Messy Bun

The Korean Bun

Among the most popular Korean hairstyle for girls, the high bun, is an incredibly well-known all around the world. And it’s simple to see why because its deliberately disheveled look is simple to preserve and attain throughout the day. Here are some quick standards to assist your in your quest for the ideal high bun … Start by collecting all the hair in a ponytail and determine its most lovely placement. Twist the ponytail and then position it down in a tight circle. Or a cinnamon roll, if you wish. This will be your bun. For longer hair, cover completions around the base of the bun as sometimes as necessary. Tie twice with an elastic till it has the ability to stand by itself. Carefully, pull the bun from opposite directions to make it fuller. Make use of pins to hold the unsecured bits if essential. Add a hair bow on the top or below the bun if you desire to dress it up. So easy! No wonder a lot of women enjoy this fancy and quick hairdo.

Korean hairstyle girl - High Side Bun

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