15 Superb Men’s Short Haircuts & Hairstyles Ideas & Guidelines!

The Modern Side Part for Men with Short Haircut

Short to Medium Haircuts for Men

Alright, let’s move to the rather short to medium haircuts for men. If the really short haircuts demand you no maintenance, be prepared to have some of it with the haircuts you’re going to learn below. Still, the maintenance is really minimal because we’re basically still talking about men’s short hairstyles. You won’t be troubled by the maintenance for sure. And since we’re going to discuss about the rather “long” hairstyles, there are more alternatives to choose. The alternatives are going to be distinguished by the styling, the length, and some hairstyles may only be suitable for certain head shape. Do you have short to medium hair? The following should give you the insights about what kind of short hairstyles that suitable for you.

1. Men’s Short Spiky Haircut

Short Spiky Haircut

If being asked about the hairstyle which will always look good, spiky haircut for men with short hair is the answer. Without any doubt, punks are the inspiration for this kind of hairstyle but it’s more in loose mode. Even though this hair looks a little bit messy but it’s totally possible to expect neat and nice look with it.

2. The Fauxhawk Hairstyles

Men’s Short Haircuts & Hairstyles Ideas - Faux Hawk Haircut

David Beckham seems to be the “culprit” behind the popularity of this hairstyle. Back in the nineties, this short hairstyle for men was the most popular haircuts. If you want this kind of men’s short hairstyles, well, there are three major important points to consider. They are: short, side, and back. Then, you need to make the top and front part longer so you can create some “Mohawk” spike there.

3. Short Mohawk Haircut

Funky Men's Short Haircut - Mohawk Style

To be honest, this kind of haircut is quite similar with the one mentioned above. However, there’s a big difference and it’s related with spike created on the top of the hair. This kind of hairstyles seems to emphasize more on the top part of the head instead of on the front part. Once again, David Beckham is also the one behind the popularity of this men’s short hairstyle, especially after he has retired from football/soccer world.

4. The Taper Haircut

The Taper Cut - Men’s Short Hairstyles Trend in 2015

It doesn’t seem too much to say that taper haircut is a must-have for men for this year. What’s so special about this men’s short haircut is the fact that you can expect to have rich varieties in its styling. For instance, you can have it high or you may like it low. It is also possible to have short hair which is trimmed all the way to the skin part.

5. The Classic Side Part

2015 High and Tight Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

Classic side part seems to be a little bit too vintage. However, you are wrong if you think it’s not good to have such hairstyle. To be honest, this men’s short hairstyle is gaining much popularity nowadays. Yep, you will have retro look but at the same time, you know the hairstyle is going to give you some cuteness. It’s going to make you look like a cute boy but at the same time, you know your masculinity can be preserved perfectly as well.

6. The Modern Side Part

The Modern Side Part for Men with Short Haircut

Similar with the previous hairstyle, the parting of the hairstyle on the side part is the key. However, instead of making your appeal look classic, you’re going to have some kind of wilder and also looser version. It’s because the parting gives more natural ambience for the hair and you will also see how the styling is not forced. This short hairstyles for men will make you to have even fresher look.

7. The Modern Pompadour

Classy Modern Pompadour with Undercut for Short Hair Men

Like fashion which actually is cycling when it comes to the hottest trend, hairstyle is also like that. Pompadour which was really popular back in the vintage era, has gained more popularity in this year. However, of course, there are some changes and alterations done to the hairstyle. You will have undercut and also fade part done to the back of your head as well as the sides.


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