15 Superb Men’s Short Haircuts & Hairstyles Ideas & Guidelines!

The Modern Side Part for Men with Short Haircut

The Undercut (Men’s Haircuts with Short Side and Back Long on Top)

1. Disconnected Undercut

Classy Modern Pompadour with Undercut for Short Hair Men

This undercut hairstyle cannot be denied as the most dominating hairstyle of the year. The characteristic of this short haircut for men is how the hair is done in longer way on the top part of the head. Then, for the back and also the side parts of the head are shaved properly and neatly. With such hairstyle, it’s so easy for you to have cool and awesome appeal. For your information, this men’s short hairstyles is going to be suitable for any head shape. That may be the reason why this hairstyle seems so easy to gain the popularity.

2. The Classic Undercut

The Curly Classic Undercut

If you are looking for a kind of short hairstyles for men which has no limitation for you in relation to its styling, classic undercut can be the alternative for you. There are surely so many things you can do with such haircut base. For instance, you can make it rather messy with longer hair on the top of the head which is combed towards the back of the head. You can also make it look smart and neat with some formal styling on top of the head. Even better, you can also make it look “rock and roll” by creating some long spikes on the top of your head.

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3. The Hard Part Haircut

The Hard Part Haircut

This men’s short haircuts is also known as the razor part because there’s a kind of disconnect haircut which is specifically done there to combine the hair located on top of the head and the undercut or even a fade done to the sides. In order to make a bold line, the side part is thoroughly shaved. However, there’s some kind of flaw about this kind of haircut and it’s related to the fact that you need to go to the barber to make the haircut always looks fresh. Still, such effort is actually worth the result.


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