4 Fabulous and Easy Back to School Hairstyles That Will Rock The Classroom

Cute hairstyles for high school- big ballerina bun

In an active environment such as school or campus, being stylish doesn’t mean that you have to look like a model on a runway with stunning outfit and hairstyle. You need a style that is quick to prepare, not getting in the way of your activity, and still look great. Easy back to school hairstyles can provide you with all that, and don’t worry because there are so many styles to choose from.

So now it’s time for you to arm yourself with some of the trendiest back to school hairstyles that will make you look fabulous while doing your activity at school or at the campus. Checkout these great and easy back to school hairstyles that you can use to kick off your school year with a bang:

Pinned Princess Pouf

This kind of hairstyle will make you look tidy as well as glamorous while it also helps with your activities, because it will keep unwanted flyaways out of your face. First, you need to prepare a comb, hairspray, a few bobby pins and a blow dryer or hair straightener. Take a large amount of hair from the top of your head and ipn it. To create lots of volume, tease downwards with a comb. For an extreme volume, you can create the effect using a blow dryer. You can pin the ends of the hair by simply pulling and twisting the ends, remember to keep the pouf balanced while you’re doing this. To make sure that the pouf will maintain its shape throughout the day, you can spray a light layer of hairspray. For an improved look of this quick and easy hairstyle, you can straighten the rest of your hair.

Quiff hairstyles for cute hairstyles for school (girl hairdos)

Big Ballerina Bun

The ballerina style is classy and elegant, but at the same time it’s also very simple and quick to prepare. This is a perfect style for you to stay fresh and look presentable all day long. The main item that you need to prepare if you want to create this easy back to school hairstyle is a bun donut that you can get from a local hair care store. Some other things you need are bobby pins, an elastic tie, a hair brush, and a hairspray that would be useful to control some flyaways.

Cute hairstyles for back to school - big barellina bun

Brush your hair and make a high ponytail where you want the bun to sit. Take the bun donut and apply the high ponytail through the middle of it, so the rest of the ponytail will fall around the bun donut. Cover the bun donut completely by shuffling extra pieces of hair and bobby pin the excess strands. For the final touch, use the hairspray lightly over the top to get a sleek and shiny look.

Fishtail Side Braid

This hairstyle is adding a simple yet unique twist to the standard braid that will make your hair looks really standout in the classroom. This style is best to be applied if you have a long hair. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t need to be shaped perfectly, you have a full freedom to put in your own personal touch to the braid and it will only make it look better.

Easy and good fishtail braid hairstyles for school

First thing you should do is to sweep your hair to the side and then split it into two equal sections. From the right section, take out a small strand of hair from below and cross it over and underneath the left section, so now your other hand will hold the strand. Repeat with the same method the other way, begin with a small strand from the left section all the way across and underneath the right side. Continue down the length of your hair and when you’re done, secure it using the elastic band. If you want a messier look, you can pull at the braid gently and use a little hairspray on it.

Classic Ponytail With a Twist for Easy Back To School Hairstyles

This is the last easy back to school hairstyles if you’re running late and don’t have a lot of time to prepare your hair, then a classic ponytail will always do the trick. There are several twists you can put into this hairstyle that will make it look more than just a regular ponytail.

Twist ponitayl hairstyles for school dances

First, decide whether you want a sleek ponytail or a messy ponytail. If you want a sleek ponytail then you’ll have to brush your hair before proceeding, but if you really don’t have time, then just leave your hair the way it is to achieve a cute messy look.

Grab all your hair to the back of your head. For a sleeky look, you comb your hair with the other hand holding the ponytail to prevent bumps and secure with an elastic band.

Finally, the twist. Take a thin strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie and secure it with bobby pins. It takes just a couple of minutes to prepare this gorgeous ponytail.


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