5 Hairstyles to Make You Look Fresher with Medium-length Hair

Vintage Amber Hairdos for Blonde Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Medium length is the most suitable one for you to pick when you cannot decide between the choices of short and long hair. This hair length is not too long so it will still be quite easy for you to maintain and take care of it regularly. On the other hand, the length is also enough to create some variations of hairstyles which require a rather longer hair length.

Besides the fact that medium hair length is beneficial as explained previously, you need to know, choosing the right hairstyles for this is also important. It would be even better when the hairstyle will make you look fresher. In relation to that, here are some examples of hairstyles you can consider when the length of your hair is medium.

Long Bob Hairstyle

The very first hairstyle suggested for you to choose is long bob. As its name, this one is the modification of short bob haircut. The main feature of this hairstyle is located in the difference of length from front view and back view. The front part is commonly longer than the back part, which is simply trendy. For you to know, this hairstyle is perfect enough to make you look fabulous in daily life or even when you are about to attend certain occasion. If by any chance your face is wider, choosing this hairstyle will help you out in looking much prettier.

Easy medium length bob haircuts for cool and elegant looks

Asymmetric Crimson Hairstyle

If you always love to show off edgy style, asymmetric crimson hairstyle is the one you should try. Besides the fact this hairstyle is quite trendy right now, this can also be a perfect style solution for those with longer face. For those with medium to high hair density, applying bang to complement the hairstyle can be done too. Besides, the bang can even make the look to be edgier.

Crimson Hair Color Idea for Medium and Long Hair Girl

Raven Curls Hairstyle

Another choice that would also be suitable for longer face shape is called as the raven curls. Compared to the asymmetrical crimson, obviously this one needs a higher level of maintenance because of the curls, which type is factually spiral curls. The curls are started not from the root of the hair but a few inches from the root. That is why there is still a small impression of straightness of the very top of the head. This choice is more suitable to pick for certain occasions only instead of being worn in daily. Clearly, this is caused the quite long time needed to create the curls. Something like this is certainly troublesome to do every time you are about to start your day, right?

Katy Perry wearing medium dark raven curls hairstyles for pretty look

Sage Hairstyle

For a prettier and neat look, sage hairstyle is undeniably the best choice to pick. Compared to all other examples mentioned earlier, this one is more beautiful in a neat way. If you are not really familiar with its name, it can simply be explained to be the light-layered version of bob hairstyle. However, unlike bob, this hairstyle is made in one length instead of a length that is shorter at the back and longer at the front. The plus point of it that you need to know is the fact this hairstyle is basically suitable for all types of face shape.

Cute sage hairstyles for medium lenght hair

Vintage Amber Hairstyle

The last but not least example of medium-length hairstyle is vintage amber, which is in fact also a perfect choice to style your hair before attending a special occasion you are invited. Certainly, this hairstyle will look even better on you when also wear retro or vintage outfit. Moreover, you can even get the ideal glamour look when choosing the right outfit to wear together with this hairstyle.

Elegant Classic Amber Mid Length Hairstyles for Fresher Looks

Vintage Amber hairstyles for perfect medium length hairdos

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