9 Modern & Trendy Long Hairstyles for Men You Must Try

Beachy hairstyles for long hair men for formal purpose

You can never say “no” to the hair and its style if you want to make sure your appeal can be as attractive as possible. And related to this matter, you must learn that both men and women are just the same in terms of their awareness towards the importance of the appeal. Perhaps, some of you may think that the women are more aware as you know that they are willing to do anything to make sure they can have such nice hairstyle.

Read also some consideration when you want to wear hairstyles for men with long hair.

To be honest, the men are also as aware even though they are not that “exaggerative” compared to the women. At least the men are still willing to appear in public even though they know that they have the so-called bad hair day. So, as we have come to the fact that hair appeal is really important for the men, let’s talk about the highly recommended men hairstyles you should consider to have in this year. And to be more specific, let’s talk about the highly recommended long hairstyles for guys or mens.

Well, before we talk even further about the recommended hairstyles, let’s start talking about why is it long hairstyles instead of the short ones? The reason being is because men’s short hairstyles have already been too common. Men are usually associated with short hairstyles. Why don’t we try to be different and “stand out” with the rather uncommon long mens long hairstyles? So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the most recommended hairstyles for long hair men. Check them out and if you find the one that meets with your preference, you should give the hairstyle a try right away.

Random and Rough

Long hairstyles for men with rough and random

If you check out this type of hairstyle, you will figure out that it’s rather messy. Yes, that’s the whole point. But please you should not think badly about this hairstyle. Even though it’s rather messy but it does not make your appearance look bad. We’re talking about the good messy and this type  of hairstyle is so suitable for you who like to have casual appearance. However, you should also notice that you can rely on this hairstyle for some formal appeal. The contrast between your messy hair and the formal appearance will actually give even fresher look to your whole appeal. How to style the hair in this way? It’s quite easy actually. You can curl your hair a little so it will look a bit wavy and then, make sure you make a bang in front of your head. It’s going to give you some highlights and make your hair look fabulous.

Symmetry and Freedom

Long hairstyles men for blonde people

The second idea for mens long hairstyles is suitable for those who have straight hair. The idea is to make your hair just loose. Yes, you should let it loose. In no time, your appeal will be similar to the rock stars and it’s so easy to make your appeal become the center of attention. If you already have straight hair, you should consider this hairstyle because it’s really a blessing and it’s going to boost your appearance without any doubt.

Shaggy and Sexy

Medium fringe long hairstyles for men

This type of hairstyle can be said as one of the most popular mens long hairstyles nowadays. Some amounts of layering are done to the hair to give it some texture and volume. If you’re wondering the key to success in shaping this kind of hairstyle, you should notice that the layers should reach the mid-ear area. Don’t forget about the bangs which can be shaped in “diagonal” direction. To make it simpler for you to learn about this hairstyle, you can check the hair of the Jonas Brother. At the same time, you may also find a little bit of “Harajuku” style on the hairstyle.

Sleek, Glossy, Fringy

Sleek and cool formal long hair hairstyles for men

Next, we have mens long hairstyles which is so appropriate for those who have “emo” preference. This kind of hairstyle is so perfect if you want to grow some length of the hair but you do not want it to look volume-y. The fact that the layered hair is done in stylish way and the straight hair done in shiny style will make the attention will be directed to your face.

Long with Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles for men with long hair

Who says men can’t have ponytail? They surely can and to be honest, ponytail is the part of the best men’s long hairstyles to try in this year. However, there is something that needs to be considered to make sure the ponytail can still look manly. Make some lengthy locks by sweeping the hair to the back direction. That’s where you can make a ponytail. It’s totally easy and going to make your appeal much more interesting. This kind of hairstyle is suitable for casual moment and it can blend well with almost every casual outfits that you have.

The Man Bun

Cool Jared Leto Man Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair for Men

When a gentlemen rocking a man bun, it is a fact that widely acknowledged that a men with long hair bun is at least 7 times more appealing. Yes, the marvelous hairdo made popular by Jared Leto (who has actually because sliced his off to our excellent unhappiness), has actually swiftly turneded into one of our preferred men’s long hairstyles ever, and we do not believe it’ll be going anywhere quickly.

Formal Beachy & Wavy

Beachy hairstyles for long hair men for formal purpose

Light beach waves at first work for the rough structure. Who understood that this naturally-looking hairdo, more connected with holidays, will it mix so harmoniously into the formal fashion? Johnny Depp is unique as constantly, however you can quickly duplicate long hairstyles for guys or mens.


Medium men long hairstyles with classic look

Right here is a hairstyles n of imaginative males who choose to look dignified however not extremely pompous. The front hairs, swept the forehead and to one side, are emphasized with natural highlights triggering the eyes and skin undertone.

Neat Dreads

Neat Dreads Long Men Hairstyles

Wow, it does not look dreaded at all! However they are genuine cool healthy dreadlocks, matching his looks completely and interacting that carefree, yet positive feel, numerous men aim to embrace nowadays.

Tips on How to Get the Most Proper Long Hairstyles

Do you realize that to have long hair is actually a blessing if you are a man? Yes, you need to know it because it is true. With the rising popularity of long hair for men, there are so many men out there who will surely feel envious when they know that you already have long hair. The main reason is because they want to have men’s long hairstyles but their hair is not long enough. It means that they need to wait for the hair to grow, which will surely take a while, before they can get their satisfaction.

Since you have already had long hair, you should not waste it. You must make sure you can have nice hairstyle by optimizing your long hair. But, for some people, this situation can be quite troublesome. Why is it like that? Well, to find the right long hair for men may not be that easy to deal with. You should carry on reading because you are going to learn about the tips to make it easier for you to get the right hairstyles for your long hair.

Understand Your Hair

Before you get the right hairstyles for long hair men, you must understand your hair first. For this matter, you can pay attention to the type of your hair. If you have straight hair, you can try to find the right hairstyles which can be so suitable for your straight hair. The same thing should also be done if you have curly hair. Remember that each hairstyle for long hair has different characteristic too. It means that not any hairstyle will be able to be suitable with your hair. Therefore, you must really understand about this matter first.

How to Get the Inspiration

Moving on to the next thing which may also be problematic is about where you can get the inspiration for your hairstyles. You know that this kind of thing should not be that problematic because the improvement in the field of internet technology has made it possible for you to get the idea in a lot much easier way. And that’s exactly what you need to do right away. Go online and browse for the idea. You can use the help from the search engine to find the idea and you will find several websites which can become the inspiration sources for you. Normally, those websites provide the images so you can get the right description about the hairstyles and you can also find the ways or tips to have the hairstyles.

If you are not really that keen on the method mentioned before about how to find the right ideas for hairstyles for long hair men, you can simply try to take a look at the hairstyles of the male celebrities. Yes, as you notice, there are so many male celebrities recently who have long hairstyles. They have such hairstyles because they really want to have them or it’s because their movies or entertainment projects demand them to have them. Either way, you can always rely on those inspiration sources and copy what they have done. That’s how you are going to find the most proper hairstyles for long hair men.


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