8 Advices for Short Hairstyles for Men

Men are today more than ever aware of their looks. They have dared to redefine style with seamless hairstyles. You can now find lots of different options for every sort of hair. Don’t be afraid to explore your own style and discover your true self.

The definition of a hairstyle for men is as important as the definition of a personality. It will project who you are and what kind of attitude you have. Although long hair is now widely accepted, short hairstyles for men are still the best option. However, they are no longer the classical choice, and you are now free to express yourself using short haircuts for men that truly show who you are.

To help you chose your next hairstyle, we have prepared 8 advice for short hairstyles for men. The options are limitless, and there’s no reason to hold you back.



Bangs happen to be trendy nowadays, particularly for short haircuts for men. They will make your face look softer and will give you some style. Even if your hair is completely flat or rebel and curly, there is a bang for you.

Bangs combined with neat short haircuts for men will add the distinctive touch to your hairstyle. You can go for the messy fringe to show some rebellion. Bangs combined with full bread look hot, and girls will go crazy.

Depending on your face’s shape, different bangs might suit you better. Ask your stylist to give it a shot. If once you try it on you do not like it, you can always cut it off. However, at least give you a chance to discover the fresh new look you were looking for.


The most popular trends today are the Asian hairstyles for men. There is a reason why for Asians they are the best short haircuts for men. These styles are suitable for the type of hair they most have, which is thick and straight in most cases. If yours has these characteristics, you can try to get Asian short haircuts for men.


A retro haircut style that has evolved to stay ahead of trends is a redefined Mohawk. They all became very popular during the 60s decade, and the middle strip was overall the same for everybody. That has changed and now even with short hairstyles, you can still have a Mohawk as the best short haircuts for men.

First of all, the middle strip is no longer standard. You can make it as thin or wide as you prefer. The length is also a personal choice, and short Mohawks are not only allowed but trendy. It is ok to play with various lengths, and short hairstyles for men are now full of options.

Spikes will always be part of Mohawks, and with short hair, they look sexy. However, spikes alone are not the only option, and you can leave it fluffy or make it a pompadour look to contrast the Mohawk. They work perfectly with wider strips of hair.



One of the best short haircuts for men is also a classic. Its name comes from the army, but now anybody can use it. The crew cut is advisable especially when you want a low maintenance cut that will not take you much time to get ready in the mornings.

To make it look different, you can add a shortbread connecting the edges. Most barbers are very skilled with this classic cut, and they know how to use the razor and scissors to execute the crew cut so fast you will not have to spend long and tedious hours at the barber shop.


Modern hairstyles for men usually need a styling gel to give it some shape. To sculpt your hair will give it a modern and different look. Some of the best short haircuts for men are a combination of your styling product and the hand of the stylist.

For the shortest haircuts for men with the top just a bit longer, spikes are perfect. You can combine it with bread, and the result will drive all women crazy. These looks are the perfect edge between Prince charm and the rebel look that ladies unconsciously love.


You could kill your curls with the shortest almost bald haircut. However, it is better if you take advantage of your natural style and dare to show the natural texture of your hair. Some short haircuts for men will suit your curly hair.

Most times the right cut is very short on the back and sides, leaving a full curl length on the top. This will allow you to need less maintenance since the natural form of your hair is preserved. It is perfect for an everyday style on any situation, and the trick is to add some texturizing cream or mousse to make it last.

The advantage is that you can change your style without cutting your hair again. Just make it look different with the help of your preferred hair product.


Shaved hairstyles do not have to be all about a plain look. You can make some creative combinations. Short hairstyles for men go along perfect with shaved sections. The sides are one of the most preferred choices, but it is not a rule, and you can get other parts shaved. A professional stylist will suggest what suits your particular face better. If you do not like it, you can go for the full shaved hair and start over again.


Getting out of classic but being practical, the best short haircuts for men are those with a focus on the front. You will spend no time at the stylist and getting ready in the morning will be as easy. Just shave the back and sides, and blur your hair to the top square. Leave it a medium cut (between 1 and 2 centimeters) and to comb it, just brush it forward.



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