Best Choices of Thick Hairstyles You Should Consider

Zooey Deschanel’s showing cute hairstyles for thick hair

If you have thick hair, some women may be jealous because they think about how great it is having the hair or how the lush can really make you look beautiful. For those, you may also get a lot of compliments from people you meet. Although that sounds really great, the thing they may not know about is; having thick hair is not only about the beauty. Instead, it is about the difficulties in washing as well as drying it, detangle it, or even choosing the right hairstyle to apply to it.

If by any chance until now you have not found any hairstyle which can make you look totally beautiful with the thick hair, some inspirations might be helpful. Therefore, here are some choices of thick hairstyles you should take into consideration in order to look beautiful naturally with your hair. The best thing about the inspirations which are about to be shared to you here is these are taken from famous female celebrities who have been successful previously in wearing thick hairstyles. Those are Zooey Deschanel, Keri Russel, and also Coco Rocha.

Zooey Deschanel’s Thick Hairstyle with Bang

Zooey Deschanel is a multi-talented female celebrity who always popular because of her bang. That is why, in this post the hairstyle you should get inspired from her is nothing else but a thick hairstyle with bang. In following her style, there are at least two different types of bangs, which can factually be combined with medium to long wavy hairstyle, you should give a try. Those are textured fringe bang and full strands bang. If you want to follow her style even better, darker hair color is the one you should pick. However, this style is factually general. It means, no matter what color your hair is you can still wear the hairstyle in order to look fabulous.

Zooey Deschanel’s Thick Hairstyle with Bang for long hair

Keri Russell’s Loose Side Braid

For you who are interested in a hairstyle that is easy to make and maintain, the hairstyle example from Keri Russel is really a suitable one to take a look. The hairstyle itself is nothing else but loose side braid. It cannot be denied that this kind of hairstyle is so easy to make. It will never take too much of your time to get the hair done when this hairstyle is the one you choose. Do you know what is also great about this? Braid hairstyle is always perfect for ladies with thick hair since the braid will become perfectly sized. For a more formal occasion, you can choose a side braid made in neat look. On the other hand, messy style can be added in the braid hairstyle if the occasion is not too formal. Even so, messy loose side braid like this can still be a pretty choice for career women to pick in order to look stunning in workplace.


Coco Rocha’s Close-Cropped Hairstyle with Layer

The last but not least choice to think about is the hairstyle of Coco Rocha, which is simply perfect if you always long for short hairstyle but never really tried it before since you think this may not be good for thick hair. The fact is short hairstyle can be chosen as well by women with thick hair. As for the inspirations from Coco Rocha, the type of hairstyle is called as close-cropper hairstyle that is complement by layer. This hairstyle does not look bulky at all. Besides, it also gives a chance to you to modify the front of your hair without experiencing the heaviness of your thick hair. Light feeling like this is certainly something you always want when thick hair is the one you own, right?

Coco Rocha's hairstyles for short thick hair with layer


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