Keri Hilson Braids

Keri Hilson has always dazzled with her hair, ever since she appeared onto the show biz scene. Ranging from her debuting album to her red carpet appearances, Keri Hilson has always impressed us with her hair. It’s actually inspiring to borrow hair styles from her, since she does keep her hair simple, yet attractive. Obviously, […]

Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures

African women commonly set their hair in attractive way that is why their appearance seems more eccentric. In addition, they become trend setter that inspires others to have iconic hairstyle. African hairstyles such as afro, cornrows and braids are very popular for women. Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures absolutely most inspiring hairstyle to […]

Black Women Hairstyles Ideas For A Wedding

Wedding is very important moment for many people. Everyone might wish that they would get one marriage as the first and the last moment. Therefore, when the wedding day come, they will do anything to get the best moment that they ever got. Of course hairstyles for a wedding day also important. And now, we […]

Perfect Short Hair Style for Black Women To Try On

Short Hair Style for Black Women   Yes, we all coincide if the true beauty doesn’t come only from your face shape, your behaviour, your skin color and type, but it also can come from your hair. Your hairstyle could deliver message to everyone who is seeing you that you are beautiful. Every woman can […]