Man Bun : The Sexiest Men’s Long Hairstyles

The man bun is a lot more than an attractive hairdos for men’s long hairstyle. It can be hip, trendy, as well as cutting edge. This new hairdo is formidable stereotypes all over, with more and more men create some great locks in order to wear the Man Bun. Don’t be confused with the undercut, […]

Disconnected Undercut : The New Hairstyles for Guys

Undercut, one of new hairstyles for guys has become a trend for the previous several years. Many actors, artists and most popular sport stars use them. Despite the fact that undercuts are on trend for quite a long period of time, a lot of fashion shows and other trend setting events shows us that it […]

Cool Men Haircut Styles for Short Hair : Shaved Hair

The shaved and short haircuts styles for men buzz all the hair over or simply at every sides and back for easy, cool and manly appearances. If you don’t pay attention, the shaved men’s hairstyle is truly getting a attention for both with celebs and numerous of the popular sport players. Ronaldo and Neymar are […]

Classy Hairstyles for Men : Add a Side Part

One of the classy hairstyles for men is a side part. Due to the fact that side part works for every men and are particularly good for round faces. Plenty of famous gentlemen have actually got the appearance and updated it for the 21st century (David Beckham is one of the examples). Exactly what we’re […]

13 Most Fantastics David Beckham Hairstyle

English Footballer David Beckham is one among the coolest footballer in the entire world, espescially when we discuss David Beckham hairstyle. Born upon May 2 1975, David Beckham was as soon as the heartbeat of the soccer world and was the center of attraction of press media. This was not just since he was a […]

9 Trendy Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

Thick hairs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Lots of people discover it hard to design their thick hairs. So today we came up with best haircuts for men with thick hairs. So if you are one of those guys having brief and thick hair and puzzled about which haircut to lug then this post […]

Cool & Modern Short Hairstyles For Men

Not only women but also men consider hairstyle as crucial thing to care. Men freely choose long or short hairstyles to enhance their look. Most of them prefer short hairstyles that are easily styled. Short hairstyles are more flexible to adjust casual or formal appearance. That is why you need to check out Cool & […]

The Latest Hairstyles All Guys Must Try

Guys need to look their best at work, on the beach, at parties etc. When women are dying to be perfect, men also want the same thing. Men need to impress everybody they meet: their boss, employees, coworkers, partners and relatives. Guys, you might have bought a new tie, jacket, shirt and shoes for the […]

Some Men Hair Style Ideas to Apply on Your Short Hair

“How to style my hair men”, that might be the question pops in your mind whenever you know that your hair is not really in great shape. Even though you are men and your nature is more ignorant towards your appeal, it is still necessary for you to deal with the hair styling. No matter […]

Styling Up Medium and Long Hair for Men: What You Should Do

To have long hair might still seem quite uncommon for the men. It is all because long hair is often associated to the women. Even for the medium hair, it is still valued to be quite inappropriate for the men. However, it seems that such judgment has shifted. As you can see, there are so […]