Disconnected Undercut : The New Hairstyles for Guys

Mens medium hair styles : The Disconnected undercut

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Undercut, one of new hairstyles for guys has become a trend for the previous several years. Many actors, artists and most popular sport stars use them. Despite the fact that undercuts are on trend for quite a long period of time, a lot of fashion shows and other trend setting events shows us that it will certainly still stay it’s trendiness for a long time.

Undercuts began dieing out in few years after the 2nd World War and these haircuts were forgotten till it had not been awakened by youngster subcultures like hipsters and skaters on about 2010. Youngster ssubcultures influenced by 1930s-1940s retro style and after few years it became enormously recognisable haircut, particularly popular in between celebrities, like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

Undercuts are divided into two groups – connected (which is combined with fade, not too sharp contrast) and disconnected (combine a sharp contrast, tough lines). And exactly what we will explain here is the disconnected undercut.

Disconnected undercuts are the most popular variation of the traditional undercut hairdos. So, what exactly makes this one of new hairstyles for guys become different than other trendy men’s hairstyles? Well, it’s detached! Implying the sides of the hair are short and more importantly all one size, this produces an obvious contrast between the sides of the top and the hair.

new hairstyles for guys : Disconnected undercut

Disconnected undercut

The medium length hair on top is called a disconnection since it has the lack of transition in between longer hair and shaved sides. It produces a strong look that attracts attention from the crowd and is very simple to design. Just work in a flexible devices like Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade to obtain this hipster combover. Maximize second day hair by wearing a cool unpleasant style.

new hairstyles for guys : The undercut

The undercut

The ultra short shaved sides is called undercut hairstyle. If you can see, there is a little tapering near the part with hair getting much shorter lower down on the head. The side part is shaved for extra meaning. This new hairstyles for guys offers you with a cool appearance that sets you apart, but it needs regular barber check to remain fresh or has an awkward growing out period.

You must understand how to request for this cool haircut, but truly the best way to communicate what you wish to your barber or stylist is with a photo. As people say, it deserves a thousand words and the finest way to ensure that you get precisely what style you want. So do not fret about finding out barbering terminology and find the best photos. You can choose one our photo galleries below that offer some ideas for disconnected haircut.


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