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Korean hairstyles are getting trendy. The openness of Korea on the last 20 years has led to a boost on popular culture on clothes and hairstyles. Asian people in general, were very traditional when it comes to clothing and haircuts. The open door to western culture has influenced both worlds, and the Korean hairstyle now is one of the favorites of people around the world who wan to look just like some cute Korean girls and boys.

korean hairstyles


The Korean hairstyle was an important indicator for the old traditional Korean society. It has recently changed, but there are still some places where these rules remain.

A simple braid means a woman is single. When she gets married, then the woman would change her hairstyle to a bun. Young women and cute Korean girls were hardly combed with buns in the past. Even in movies and manga, buns were exclusively used by mature and old women. These rules have changed on main cities mostly, and any woman can have a bun. There are some stylized and complex buns to make astonishing looks on Korean girls. The traditional Korean haircut has changed, and there is more variety now.


Men are not out of the Korean hairstyle competition. Movies and manga have spread stylish haircuts that now are a trend on the fashion industry. Ha Korean hairstyles for men are meant for straight hair since they mostly have this type of hair. We came out with a list of the most used Korean haircuts for men.

  • Classical Korean Hairstyle. This is meant for medium hair, and it is meant for a uniformly hair cut to cover the forehead. Some style can be added when combing it to one side, but just slightly.
  • Two-Block Hairstyle. It is called two blocks, because the hair is cut in two different sizes. The upper part is left medium or short, while the back is short or shaved. This is not my favorite, but it is common among young people.
  • Spiky Hairstyle. This is meant for a short hair. It usually is a bit longer in the crown and shorter as it goes down. Lines can make it more stylized and it is popular among young men and children. There are many variations depending on the size and direction of the spikes.
  • Diagonal Cut Hairstyle. The main characteristic of this haircut is that it has a diagonal cut transversely on the forehead. The rest of the hair is just short. It is easy to maintain and excellent for work.
  • Angle Cut Hairstyle. It is similar to the diagonal cut, but shorter. It is popular for students and sportsmen.
  • Short Simple Hairstyle. This Korean haircut is an excellent choice for executives. It gives Korean men a remarkable look. They seem more interesting with such a hairstyle.
  • Undercut Hairstyle. A medium sized hair with undercut right above the ears. A variation can also have shaved hair all around the head. It is common for students and certain groups.
  • Long Style with Layers. Having a layered haircut on men is common. It is usually left to the beginning of the neck only, but a bit longer can also be found.
  • Curly Long Style. This Korean haircut is rare, but some men like it. Similar to the layered style, but with curls.
  • Pop Boy Style. This hairstyle is popular for boy bands. It is meant for medium hair that is carefully accommodated wildly. It is common also in the manga.

All cute Korean girls love it when a man uses some of these trendy hairstyles.

korean hairstyle


Women have more complex and variety hairstyles than men. We will go through some of the most representative hairstyles because we could write an entire book just about Korean hairstyles for women.

  • Boyish Haircut. The Classical Korean Hairstyle but for women.
  • Half Up Sleek. This Korean hairstyle is another classic and easy to make hairstyle. Suitable for long hairs, it does not require further explanations. Pure, Sleek Style.
  • For long hair mostly, this typical for cute Korean girls today.
  • Blunt, Sleek Style. A variant of the pure, sleek style with the stylized edges. It is suitable for all occasions, both formal and informal.
  • Tousled Ponytail. Scruffy hair is trendy in women too. A tousled ponytail doesn’t require too much time to make and it looks just great. If you want to change it, you can just add a headband.
  • Korean Quirky Bangs. The neat looks of this hairstyle make it eccentric and stylish at the same time. Typical for formal gatherings.
  • Smooth Bun. This example comes from the traditional Korean hairstyle; buns are still trendy. They are elegant and preferred for formal occasions, but there is no real rule.
  • Layered Bangs with Tousled Bun. A more sophisticated bun for cute Korean girls. The layers at the front will add playfulness to the hairstyle.
  • Simple Fringe. The simplest Korean hairstyle that can transform the whole face. An even simple fringe is what makes the magic.
  • Fringed Bob. It is typically seen in dark black color. A full fringe is the main characteristic on top, and the edgy bob has to end curled to give it more personality.
  • Fringed Oval Bob. For extra straight hair, the oval bob gives a smart look. The uneven long side bangs can give it a fresh look. That is replicated on the fringe which is shorter in the middle.
  • Thick Edge Ponytail. A traditional ponytail with Korean style. The thick flair gives it a different look and apparently more volume to the hair. Perfect for a smart play on your hair.

Now you should have some good ideas to change your style to a Korean haircut. There is a style for every type of hair. Depending on what you are looking for, there’s a perfect Korean hairstyle for you. You can be serious, formal, catchy, modern or punk. Show some personality showing off any of the Korean hairstyles.

korean hairstyle


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