Hair Bow: Trending Cool Hairstyle for You Girls to Try

Cool Hairstyle for You Girls to Try

Just like fashion, hairstyle is also a thing which trend is always changing from a time to another. If you want to look cool with your style, obviously you need to know about the latest hairstyle that is in the current time. As an example, there is a hairstyle that is known more as hair bow. Do you know about it or have ever heard about it before? If by any chance you do not, here is the brief explanation which will tell you more about the hairstyle that is quite trending right now, especially among teens and young girls.

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What Is It?

Hair bow is factually something really easy to explain. This is nothing but a bow shape that is made from real hair and often used as hairstyle at this point of time. The specialty about this hairstyle is not only located in the really cute and distinctive look. Instead, this hairstyle is also quite easy to create, even if at first you may need a lot of practices in order to be able to make it. The last but not least, by using hair bow as your hairstyle there is no need for you to wear any hair accessory because the hair bow will be more than enough as an accessory. Besides, the bow is quite prominent too so it will be easier for it to be the center of attention in your hairstyle.

Ponytail Hair Bow

If you are interested in wearing hair bow hairstyle, you need to know there are several styles can be chosen. The first one is known to be the ponytail hair bow. The way to make it is only by creating a simple ponytail with a rubber hairband. After that, you only need to cover the hairband by using some stands of your hair which will be transformed into the hair bow. This way, it will look like you do not wear any hairband at all. This hairstyle still actually has the simplicity of basic ponytail, a hairstyle in which the hair bow is modified from. However, it is really clear the addition of the hair bow really make the style looks prettier. This is the reason why the hairstyle is also perfect to wear in so many different occasions or to be combined with different fashion styles from the most casual to the most formal ones.

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Hair Bow Bun or Updo

Other than ponytail, there is still another hair bow variation you can give a try too. This is nothing else but the hair bow bun or often called as updo too. Compared to the previous style, this one looks neater. Other difference is located in the level of difficulty which is, obviously, higher than the ponytail. This is also the reason why you may need more time in order to create the updo on your own. If this is quite impossible, asking some hairdressers to create it for you is the most effective solution. However, this will certainly cost you more. Compared to the ponytail, this updo seems to be more suitable to combine with formal fashion style. As an example, you can wear this hairstyle when about to attend a wedding ceremony and party. When the wedding is held outdoor, this hairdo will be very helpful in keeping yourself feel fresh during the occasion. The same thing about this hair bow and the ponytail hair bow is no accessory is needed. With this fact, whenever you are confused about which hairstyle to wear while you already use all hair accessories you own, choosing the hair bow might be perfect. Learn to make it and look how you can be more beautiful wearing it.

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