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Keri Hilson has always dazzled with her hair, ever since she appeared onto the show biz scene. Ranging from her debuting album to her red carpet appearances, Keri Hilson has always impressed us with her hair. It’s actually inspiring to borrow hair styles from her, since she does keep her hair simple, yet attractive.

Obviously, like any celebrity, she has switched from one style to another over the years. She has appeared with braids, bobs, lobs, and even straight up normal hair. This woman of Atlanta may be considered as a full catalog for her styles, if we compare her hair throughout the years.

In fact, Keri Hilson should be a go-to for any woman picking hairstyles.

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And recently, Keir has just showed up with an amazing hairstyle. Keri is currently sporting beautiful braids, and it’s a look we are all loving for her. Braids can be styled in so many ways, and have so many advantages when set up. To be brief, braids can be made tight or relaxed. It’s a hairstyle fit for all women who don’t have hair salon skills.

Hair braids also look hot, and they protect hair well. In fact, you may choose to adopt braided hair as a default style because of its protectiveness. It’s definitely good if you’re an outgoing person in bad weather. Or, you may adopt this hairstyle to simply change your hair’s looks.

Regardless, it’s a perfect hairstyle for you.

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That hairstyle is also excellent the longer you make it. A lot of women tend to braid their hair, but they make them short. That’s not as attractive as longer braids.

So keep your braids long for a better look. And don’t worry, they’re easy to manage, just like with shorter braids.

We want you to be inspired by Keri’s hairstyle. Always consider braids, but remember, they’re not a shortcut to hair hygiene. You’ll still need to take good care of your hair. Your hair must be kept clean, and your scalp should stay in good condition. Your hair should be conditioned at all times, and you should take proper care of your scalp.

Singer Keri Hilson in new butt length box braids  looks gorgeous. She posted a picture on Instagram of her new butt length box braids and we absolutely love the look!

And just like Keri Hilson, if you have dark colored hair, braids will look awesome on you.

Here are some additional gorgeous photos of Keri Hilson braids, Keri Hilson short hairstyle, Keri Hilson Bob hairstyle:

Keri Hilson Short Hairstyle 5 Keri Hilson Short Hairstyle 4 Keri Hilson Short Hairstyle 3 Keri Hilson Short Hairstyle 2



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