Majestic Monica Hairstyles for Your Best Choices

Monica Hairstyles - Short Pixie

Monica was born in the 80s when hairstyles were long and sponged. Luckily she passed her early years, and when she started her career in 1995, her mature and beautiful voice matched with her sophisticated hairstyle. Ever since we have seen short, long, and colored hairstiles from Monica.

She has a Grammy and has sold millions of songs. She even had her own reality show and is now expecting a baby. However, none of these achievements have lasted as much as the Monica hairstyles (except perhaps for her baby when it finally comes) which have become almost a brand for her. From all we’ve seen, Monica short hairstyles are the best, as they are her signature brand. For now, we will go just through some of them to give you an idea. If you remember some other longer hairstyles of Monica, you will agree with me that the shorts are the best. If you can’t remember, read the next article to see some of them. She looks good (as always), but on a short hairstyle, she looks better.

The Signature Monica Hairstyle


The Signature Monica Hairstyle

The Signature Monica Hairstyle                                     Image Source

This night should’ve been Monica’s night, and she knew it. She appeared with an elegant black long dress to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

During this event, she had been nominated for a Grammy Award for her album “Everything to me” as the best R&B album, and also best R&B Female Vocal performance. She was beaten on both nominations and received nothing that year. I guess the short signature hairstyle of Monica is not the lucky one.

Just to clear your doubts, Monica does have a Grammy, but it was a few years before in 1999 during the 41st annual ceremony. There she won the singer’s first prize and the Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals with the song “The Boy is Mine,” singing along with Brandy. That year she showed no short pixie hairstyle but looked glamorous as well.

Monica’s Short Bob and Dual Colors

Monica’s Short Bob and Dual Colors

Monica’s Short Bob and Dual Colors   Image Source

During the Kardashian Kollection launch party, Monica rocked the place wearing a new and chic short bob up to her chin. The best of it were the two tones all around it that combined perfectly with the accessories she was wearing that night.

The tones Monica exibits on this picture are the best fit for her face and skin tone. She has had many colors and styles, but these tones or black are with no doubt her best fit.

Monica Hairstyle for the Pre-Grammy Celebration in 2000

Monica hairstyle at Pre Grammy

Image source

This was not her year to get a Grammy, but it pictured her on one of the most remembered hairstyle of Monica. This photo was taken during the pre-Grammy celebration. One of the best Monica short hairstyles, again a pixie, but more glamorous. The bronze color made it remarkable, making it one of the best colors to fit her looks. Also, the way she placed it behind for the party was what made it an unforgettable hairstyle. Her lipstick and outfit are the perfect matches for such a style.


Monica’s Orange Hairstye

Monica Orange Hairstyle

Image source

Monica’s Orange Hairstye was not one of the best hairstyle, but it was good for a change. In 2007 she started wearing the super-short cut with a shocking orange that just looks like soda. As you can see in the picture, she also slicked her hair. Something is missing on that hairstyle, and it doesn’t click.

It was not the best Monica hairstyle we’ve seen over time. Perhaps that is why it didn’t last long. Her killer attitude is still there, and a hairstyle cannot change it. Later on, we were able to see some more Monica short hairstyles rocking the place.


Monica’s Spikes

Monica Spikes Hairstyle

Spikes are one of the best Monica’s haircut, and in 2009 she surprised us with some sassy spikes as she was seen in the conference Get Schooled in California. She can be an excellent role model attending to the Get Schooled conference with that looks. Celebrities, in general, were looking glamorous that day.

What I love about Monica’s spikes is that they make her look young. You can tell she is again in her teens, whereas they are long gone. Spikes are playful, and you can notice on the picture and by her playful smile.

Monica at the Hot 1079 Birthday Bash


Monica hairstyle at Birthday Bash

Image source

Monica hairstyle at the Hot 1079 Birthday Bash was again a short haircut with loads of layers around that made her look glamorous for the event. Her dark hair contrasted naturally with her white outfit, making this one of the best short hairstyles ever seen. Simple, but perfect. Her high heel shoes in black added flair to her hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle to party all night since you will not need many tweaks. It will mantian its place all along, no matter how hard you party.


Monica’s Short Pixie

Monica short hairstyles

Image Source

One of her most perfect cuts has been the short pixie. It resembles her signature mark, coming from the straight hair sweeping across her face. It seems this is one of her favorites because she has been spotted with it for some time and in several ocasions. Nonetheless, there are many other styles and colors. Her killer attitude plays a significant role of her hairstyle. It defines who she is in a seamless way.

Every single person has similar right and opportunity to be gorgeous and attractive. One of ways which can be made to increase your look is styling the hair. Through a nice hairstyle, you must be directed to the character and soul which are embraced by the hairstyle. You will be more confident with new and trendy hairstyle. If you are a beautiful black woman, you can take one of Monica hairstyles as your choice. This American lady rock is surely popular on her trendy hairstyles. She must be successful to show and inspire woman to be more beautiful with majestic hairstyles.

Highlighted Bob Hairstyle

Monica Bob Hairstyles

This sensational hairstyle must be effective to make you look elegant and charming. This is such a combination of a formal and informal concept. There is cute bang which can make you look younger and adorable. The long haircut and straight layer bring more elegance and glamour for a woman. This hairstyle can be nice with all face shapes. Rounded, oval, or even rectangular face can be nice to deal with highlighted bob hairstyle. As you have known that bob hairstyle can make smart illusion for face. A rounded and square face can be changed to be long and oval. Monica doesn’t only apply bob hairstyle for this concept. In order to liven up the sexiness, she put enticing light brown color as the highlight to this hairstyle.

Ludracis Fab Monica

Monica Hairstyles - Short Red Pixie

This hairstyle can be categorized as the most phenomenal Monica’s hairstyle. This is a genuine and spectacular hairstyle which becomes the trend mark of Monica. This hairstyle takes a very short layered as the concept. There is trimmed bang which covers the forehead up to the eyebrows. The backward part is only layered into the upper neck. It must be fit to Monica’s body posture which is tall and slim. All black color with sleek look can make you to be more elegant and energetic. Ludracis Fab Monica can be proper choices for career woman to deal with formal and informal occasion.


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