Man Bun : The Sexiest Men’s Long Hairstyles

2015 Sexy Men's Long Hairstyles

The man bun is a lot more than an attractive hairdos for men’s long hairstyle. It can be hip, trendy, as well as cutting edge. This new hairdo is formidable stereotypes all over, with more and more men create some great locks in order to wear the Man Bun. Don’t be confused with the undercut, topknot,  or a lazy bun, the Man Bun is when the hair is pulled back from the forehead and simply tied up in the center of your head. It is essentially tying your hair into a bun or half bun, whether you choose to tie all of your hair or just some part of your hair.

The Man Bun has become one of very popular men’s long hairstyles and there have actually been tons of videos on Youtube made just to describe to every men the best ways to execute the appearance. It has many various options, it’s outrageous! The Man Bun can be relaxeded and casual or for office appropriate. It can be made into a wild, disheveled mess or into a swank looking gentleman’s cut. It has infinite options and every women will appreciate each and every single one.

The best ways to tie a bun for guys


2015 Men's Long Hairstyles

Top Knot Man But

Tying a bun is not difficult once you master it. All you will need is an excellent rubber band without any metal parts in it. When having long hair, an elastic band should be a part of your hair accessory collection.

To wear a man bun, what to do is to take a hold of your hair and do as if tying the hair into a braid, choking the hair with the rubber band to repair the braid then passing the hair once again (braid) through the band (open up the band a little) as if choking for a second time, but this time leave the length of the braid choked around halfway through its length. The rest of the hair hanging off when the ponytail has been choked halfway through its length, then tied around the bun itself for an entire bun (i.e. man bun) or you can leave the hair hanging for a half bun (i.e. ponybun).

2015 Manbun Men's Long Hairstyles

Man bun with beards

Watch the youtube video below created by Jules Tognini if you want yo get a cool bun for men’s long hairstyles :

Or if you want to copy zayn malik’s top knop bun with undercut, you can watch youtube video presented by TheGentlemansCove below :

How Should You Get a Man Bun?

The reality is that any way you do a man Bun it is going to be damn hot for men’s long hairstyles. But we understand that everybody has their own unique styles that they wish to match their hair with any event, so here are a few options for the different Bun looks:

Man Bun For Office Purpose

The man bun for formal look

Workplace Purpose; Slick back the top of your hair and tie it in a neat bun. This combined with a great suit and tie will certainly not only look expert, but it is also irresistible.

2015 Sexy Men's Long Hairstyles

Casual man bun

Casual Appearance; What you’re using makes a distinction in how hair looks. This casual and slightly unpleasant bun is elevated by a clean cut beard. This bun is the right bun instead of a braid that is not completely drawn through. To obtain form a bun, gather hair into a braid and twist the length of hair round the base prior to securing it with an elastic. For sporty look, Think about David Beckham who had a loosish bun with some part of his hair left hanging out.

An undercut is great addition to men’s long hairstyles, there is not only one man bun style you can wear. You can set yourself apart by wearing the slick style or untidy, single or double, up high or lower down.

The excellent thing about the Man Bun is that it suits pretty much for everyone regardless of face shape or style. So if you haven’t started growing your hair out to a minimum length to try the Man Bun, then you better get going to grow it very soon, otherwise you could be missing out to this sexiest men’s long hairstyles.


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