Marvelous Side Bun & Updo Hairstyles For Weddings

Updo Hairstyles For Weddings

Wedding day is one of the most beautiful moment that many people had dreamed on. And everyone will think to make the best moment that they ever do.  One of the most important part from a woman in preparing the best wedding day is stylizing the hair. Many women loved to make their hair looked sweet and perfect. Some of them tried to have braids, or keep the hair hanging loosely. And some other loved to make side bun hairstyles and updo hairstyles for weddings. Having bun or upso are also the best solution to make your long hair looked shorter and beautiful without cutting off them.

There are some Marvelous Side Bun & Updo Hairstyles For Weddings that you can try on below. You might feel comfortable with one of them.

Classic side bun

This is a nice hairstyles with bun that looked good for your wedding day. With Hot Irons, Hot Rollers technique, it can be created. It needs more or less 30 minutes. As the result you will feel comfortable and elegant with this side bun. It is recommended for a woman who got straight hair with an oval or diamond facial shape.

Classic side bun hairstyles for weddingSide bun updo with cute straight bangs

You will look so gorgeous and calm with this hairstyle. This bun looked pretty sweet. You need to leave some of your straight hairs on the front covering your forehead. Then make a bun from the hair behind your back to be side bun. It looked nice if you decorate the hair with cute and beautiful flower on.

Besides the gorgeous side buns above, you might consider these as well. Here are some gorgeous hairstyles with updos that will make your wedding day more perfect.

Side bun updo hairstyles for wedding with cute straight bangs

Nice and simple side updos

It appeared with very elegant and nice look. The side updo with nice decoration on it made the appearance sweeter.  The hairpin with the flower will keep the updo locked on its own position.

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Nice and simple side updos hairstyles for wedding

Beautiful wedding hairstyle with cute updo and headband.

Cute updo hairstyles for wedding with headband

This hairstyle also looked beautiful and nice for your wedding day. You can make nice side updo on the side of your head. Beside, you can also beautify its look with nice headband. This style didn’t have bangs. It fully show your face. You will love this. We suggested you that you need to wear suitable headband. The headband itself il make sure to make your hair locked on the position It would be more beautiful if you got sweet flower decoration as well.


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