Most Trendy Asian Hairstyles for Men : The K-Pop

Cool asian korean men hairstyles from Jay Park

When talking about recent and trendy Asian hairstyle for men, it cannot be denied K-pop is the most popular source of inspirations. This is not only considered by those who are Koreans but also by people from so many places in all over the world. Of course, most of those are also the fans of K-pop, which is suitable enough to be explained as the special style of music in Korea. This time, we are going to talk about two K-pop hairstyles based on the length of hair; short and medium. For you to know, both of the lengths are used quite the most in the style in general.

Asian male hairstyles from popular K-Pop - T

Popular Styles for Short Hair

First of all, let us talk about the short K-pop Asian hairstyle for men. In this category, there are quite a lot of choices can be taken. As an example, there is a style with side swept fringe. The upper part of this hairstyle is neatened so in overall it looks tidy enough. There is also college boy hairstyle with a rather special look because the top is longer while the sides are shorter. For you who prefer wearing something with messy impression, the wild child hairstyle as seen in Kim Sung-Kyu style is highly popular recently.

Kim Sung-Kyu one of trendy Asian K-Pop Men Hairstyles

Popular Style for Medium Hair

For the medium Asian hairstyle for men with K-pop inspirations, there are two options you need to take into consideration more. The first one is samurai bun that is so trending even until now. This rather messy hairstyle can make you look manly in a very special way. Another choice you can take into concern as well is called as the messy medium hairstyle that is also well-known as the signature look of Korean male students. Among all of these options, which is the most interesting one for you?

Minho with the best korean short hairstyles for men

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