Why You Should Have Long Hairstyles for Men instead of Short Hairstyles

If you take a look around, you will find that there are more and more men who have long hair along with the great hairstyles. What’s going on here? Just until a few years ago, men with long hair were considered to be messy, dirty or even some negative attribute like “unemployed” was given to […]

The Right Way to Grow Men’s Long Hairstyles

For most men, long hairstyles may not sound that interesting and suitable. It is because there is some kind of belief that long hairstyles have the tendency to be messier and thus, it does not fit the appeal of the men. However, such belief has changed nowadays. There have been so many proofs which show […]

9 Modern & Trendy Long Hairstyles for Men You Must Try

You can never say “no” to the hair and its style if you want to make sure your appeal can be as attractive as possible. And related to this matter, you must learn that both men and women are just the same in terms of their awareness towards the importance of the appeal. Perhaps, some […]

Good Tips When Wearing Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

You cannot deny that there is some kind of shifting in the trend of men’s hairstyles. In the past few years, you may find that the men were still concerned about short hairs. To be honest, during that time, long hairstyles was thought to be bad. However, nowadays, more and more men are interested to […]

4 Fabulous and Easy Back to School Hairstyles That Will Rock The Classroom

In an active environment such as school or campus, being stylish doesn’t mean that you have to look like a model on a runway with stunning outfit and hairstyle. You need a style that is quick to prepare, not getting in the way of your activity, and still look great. Easy back to school hairstyles […]

Quick and Easy Hairstyling Tricks for Long Hair

Having a healthy long hair is a blessing, but long hair is also more difficult to manage than short hair. A lot of women given up on their long hair and cut them short because they couldn’t really handle the stress, especially if they often have to go out in a hurry. If you have […]

Hairstyle for Oval Face Shape: Three Different Styles and Length to Pick

Just like any other face shapes, oval face is also possible to be combined with various types of hairstyle. The limitation is not only about the styles but also the length of the hair. Basically any hair length can be perfect for people with oval face. Of course, the right choice of hairstyle should be […]

5 Hairstyles to Make You Look Fresher with Medium-length Hair

Medium length is the most suitable one for you to pick when you cannot decide between the choices of short and long hair. This hair length is not too long so it will still be quite easy for you to maintain and take care of it regularly. On the other hand, the length is also […]