Popular Men’s Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top

Men's Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top

There are some defining features of the most recent popular men’s hairstyles share and that is having short sides with long on top. The stunning aspect of this trend is the many variations you can pull off with merely having short hair on the sides and long hair on the top.  The style for men’s hair has gone a notch higher with each passing day. No longer is male grooming looked at with astonishing eyes. One can keep their hair in many different styles according to how they wish. However, if one needs to focus on keeping their hair short yet stylish, there are haircuts focused on this specific style. The definition of short hair is that which is anything between a few milliliters to the chin in length. In this section, we give you the best short hairstyles one can rock in any weather. I’ll be showing you some fantastic haircut that satisfy these criteria, and most of them significantly look terrific.

Popular Men's Hairstyles

Brushed back front


This hairstyle focuses creating spikes at the top of the head or on the head in total. The most common types of spiky men’s short hair involve a short sides, long top approach.

Popular Men's Hairstyles



Another hairstyle that is long on top, short on sides is this one. Using cream, gel or wax, hair is brushed upwards and backwards then styled.


This hairstyle is short on sides, long on top and achieved by cutting the hair on the back very short and tapering upwards. From the level of the ears, the length of the hair is slowly increased to reach about an inch at the top.


This hairstyle is achieved by cutting the hair on the sides and allowing that on top of the head to grow into a short sides long top look. The hair at the top can be styled as desired.


This hairstyle requires little effort besides sprucing the hair on top to look fuller than the hair on the side. After that, the side of choice is parted with a hair brush to achieve a short on sides, long on top look which is favored for its manly look.

Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top



This hairstyle is referenced to the famous hairstyle donned by the famous Emperor Julius Caesar. It has tapered sides with the short bangs also combed forward to give it a classic long top short sides look which has proven resilient even from the competition from other hairstyles.

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This is a modern variant of the popular pompadour which is achieved by using pomade to style up the hair to achieve short sides, long top with the hair on the top being parted to the side as needed.

Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top



For those with short hair up to an inch long, this hairstyle proves to be the best owing to the ease with which it can be achieved. Using pomade and gel, this hairstyle can achieve the classic short on sides, long on top look which is favored in modern hairstyles.


Although the length of hair for this style is relatively longer than the other styles detailed above, the same concept of long top, short sides is achieved in this style. One cuts the hair on the sides and the back shorter than that on top of the head for this style.


For this hairstyle, the longest length of the hair is at 1/8 of an inch both for the head and beards for a uniform look. One can add the short sides long top look by cutting the hair behind the head and at the sides even shorter than the 1/8 inches achieved by the rest of the hair.


The brush cut is achieved through the use of the short on sides long on top approach whereby the hair on the sides and back is cut shorter than that at the top of the head. The result is hair that stands up looking like a brush.


This is one of the official styles which do the long top short sides approach to short hair justice. The top part can be left to grow longer than the sides and the back to allow for brushing and parting. The style has found favor among executives owing to its cool look.


Unlike other styles in this group which focus on shorter sides and the back compared to the top, the crew cut has the top, back and sides all tapering in a given direction. The meeting points of these tapering are slightly longer than the rest of the hair on the top, side and back.


Probably one of the simplest haircuts out here, the butch cut can be achieved but uniformly cutting the hair to a length of ¼ of an inch. It is simple and can be achieved even at home using personal hair grooming equipment unlike other hair styles in this group.


There are several ways to achieve this hairstyle, but the underlying concept is to cut the hair to a short length of about an inch or just so that it can stand up on its own. The sides and the back are cut short to pave the way for the longer hair on the crown. For the most part, hair gel or wax may be applied to achieve the desired look.

With a brushed back front you have a lot more liberty in terms of styling. You can side part the front or slick all of it to the back. Discover what works for you, if your hairline goes too far back or your forehead is larger than average, this haircut is not advised.

Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top

Slick hair and undercut

Slick hair and the undercut is an easy and appealing to combine. It looks dapper at work and as we have actually seen with international soccer players, withstands heat and extensive activity.

Men's Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top

Another slick style

There’s not only one slick style that can be put on with this short side long top haircut. Right here is the very same haircut with short on sides as above styled differently. Rather than concentrating on height and keeping every hair slicked in location, it’s broader and looser for a more casual look.

Men's Hairstyles with Short Side Long on Top

Shaved side with fringe

The haircut above leave the front normally in a side swept manner. This hair looks terrific on slim men as it requires popular facial functions such as a strong jaw line and cheek bones. These haircuts are also fantastic for men with big foreheads.

Popular Men's Hairstyles

soft and down

Not all popular men’s hairstyles with short side long on top have to spiked or slick. For the simplest design, put on hair soft and down. Be sure to let your barber or stylist understand if that’s your objective. This cut falls with tilted bangs. You can also design the look so it’s partially slicked, partially down like above.


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