Recent Choices for Cool and Stylish Hair for Boys

Best messy and shaggy hairstyles for teenage boys from Luis Tomlinson

For boys and young men, looking stylish can be done simply by choosing the most suitable hairstyle for their daily. Thankfully, at this point of time there are hundreds choices of hairstyle can be taken as inspiration in order to look stylish in a cool way. The variation of styles available is also a lot. This way, there is no excuse for them to say that they feel bored about the style of their hair. Whenever boredom is about to come, the only thing needed to be done is choosing another hairstyle to wear. Inspirations for this is now available everywhere, including internet, fashion and style magazine, and many others. As examples, here are some recent choices of hairstyle for boys which are not only stylish but also cool at the same time. For you to know, the styles about to be mentioned here are suitable to be worn in daily or only in special occasions.

Messy Fringe Hairstyle

From all hairstyles can be found for young men right now, messy fringe hairstyle is so proper to call as a very popular choice. Besides its high popularity, this hairstyle is also the best choice because it is very easy to maintain. This is factually also the reason why the hairstyle is also best to wear in daily, especially for those who are still students. Wearing this hairstyle will not only make them cool-looking students. Instead, this is also beneficial because they will only need few minutes to get their hair done. The fringe details can look even better if they also use thickening hair lotion or hair gel. Another tip to follow as well is using a light amount of hairspray in order to keep the fringes on place.

Best messy and shaggy hairstyles for teenage boys from Luis Tomlinson

This messy fringe hairstyle looks the best when it is worn by those with triangular, oval, or square face shapes. Other than this, the hairstyle also looks the best when the hair is included in the category of medium or long hair. Wearing this on short hair is possible. However, it will not look as nice as when the style is worn to the two choices of hair length told previously. If there are longer lengths located on the sides, it will be better for those to be tucked behind the ear. This suggestion factually also creates a quite unique edgy look.

Cool messy fringe hairstyles for the stylish college guys

Swept-up and Slicked-back Hairstyle for Cooler Look

For a way cooler look compared to the previous one, swept-up and slicked-back hairstyle seems to be the more suitable one to pick. This cool hairstyle is so perfect for those who always prefer rock-and-roll or bad boy style. Certainly, the hairstyle can look even better when the right choice of fashion items is also chosen as the complement.

Latest 2015 hairstyles for men - Swept up and slicked back undercuts

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A thing you may not forget before choosing this hairstyle is you may need more effort in styling your hair this way. That is why it means, more time is also needed whenever you want your hair to look neatly stylish. This harder effort will definitely be paid back by the totally stunning look you will show when wearing the hairstyle. Besides, the hairstyle is factually suitable as well not only for teens and young men but also those who are older. It means, if you really fall in love with this hairstyle you can wear it longer or even make it as your trademark. If that is so, choosing the right barber to get your hair done in this cutting and style is a thing you really need to take into concern. This would be even better and you become a royal customer there too.

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