Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures

African braid hairstyles - lace braids

African women commonly set their hair in attractive way that is why their appearance seems more eccentric. In addition, they become trend setter that inspires others to have iconic hairstyle. African hairstyles such as afro, cornrows and braids are very popular for women. Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures absolutely most inspiring hairstyle to lead women dress their hairs well. Surely, African braid hairstyles are different from common braids. African braids have been modified into complicated twists.

There are some samples of Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures that allow you to try dressing your hair to be more fascinating. Being eye catching with African braids hairstyles, you must have long hair or at least shoulder length since short hair is impossible to be braided. Mini braid is easiest African braided hairstyle that requires simple techniques. At a glance, it seems as if your locks are wet. It spends much time to create lovely tiny braids over your head.

African braiding hairstyles

Mini Braids

Janet braids is called as most popular African hairstyle that looks like twisted rope. people say, Janet braids reflect Boho chic style that has unique characteristics. Mostly girls apply Janet braids during summer as they wear Boho chic outfit. They assume Janet braids are trendy and stylish hairstyles for lovely girls. You need to braid your hair entirely from the root to the end in order to create detailed twisted Janet braids.

African Hair Braiding Styles

Janet’s braid

You must be familiar with cornrows categorized into most complicated African hairstyle. Although the cornrows hairstyle is relatively difficult to make, all people find artistic sense in it. You can create various patterns of tight braids based on your on creativity. Cornrows hairstyle tend to stick out pattern of tiny braids on your head. Surely skin of your head is exposed as you create artistic pattern of cornrows.

African Braiding Hair, Cornrows

African Braiding Hair, Cornrows

Most of girls applying African braid hairstyles that represent trendy and casual style. For formal appearance, lace braid is most appropriate one among Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles with Pictures. Lace braid is very simple to make. You just braid a small part of front hair to crown your hair as a tiara. Half moon shape braid that functions like tiara gives sweet taste to your hairstyle. This lace braid is compatible for wedding too. It is amazing decorative braid that complements iconic hair updo for wedding or other formal events.

African braid hairstyles - lace braids

African braid hairstyles-lace braid

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