The Best Men’s Wavy Hairstyles Ideas of This Century

Curly groomed texture haircut for men

For much of the 20th century, most of men had the same hairstyles. Anything different from the usual would have been seen with contempt by society, associated with a “hippie” lifestyle and even render one unemployable. That’s why the mens wavy curly hairstyles that we see today are so special – they are accepted by and large and employers don’t mind when you have them either.

With so many mens wavy hairstyles out there, each one of us can be a trendsetter, with a style that is all our own. Guys wavy haircuts are very popular today. In the past, wavy haired men would immediately have it changed into straight hair – this is no longer the case. The increasing popularity and acceptance of hairstyles for wavy haired guys means that men today own up to what makes them unique and stand out from the crowd.

In the past, the problem guys with wavy hair had was that they found it hard to grow their hair once it started spreading everywhere on the head, which gave them an uncomfortable look. Today, this isn’t that much of an issue as there are many methods that don’t require getting a hair cut if you have long wavy haircuts. Mens wavy hairstyles are fashionable today.

Long wavy hairstyles for men

In fact, there are many male celebrities who are proud to sport long and wavy hairstyles. Stars like Matthew Mcconaughey, Hugh Grant and George Clooney have no qualms about flaunting their wavy haircuts. It suits them perfectly, women adore them and men look up to them. Many have started sporting long wavy haircuts for men after watching their favorite Hollywood stars do the same.

If you are uncomfortable with your long wavy hair, you can try keeping short hair at the sides and sport long hair in the middle. Or, you can keep the hair long everywhere. You can wear this style to the office as well, nobody would object.

It is easy to maintain mens wavy haircuts, whether obtained naturally or artificially. Many men get their hair done by stylists in salons. Let’s have a look at some of the popular wavy haircuts for men that you may want to try…

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Groomed Texture

Curly groomed texture haircut for men

Groomed texture is one of the popular curly haircuts for men which works well with a lower volume of hair and longer curls. It gives the sophisticated look that men want and works well with all face types as well as hair types. It is easy enough to style Groomed Texture – just apply a small amount of curl cream to damp hair just after a shower and shake the hair just enough with your fingers to shape the curls. Next, allow it to air dry. That’s it!

Beachy Curls Haircuts for Men with Wavy Hair

Short Beachy Curls for Men's Wavy Haircuts

Short Beachy Curls for Men’s Wavy Haircuts

Beachy Curls give you the look of a hot surfer or a beach boy and it’s very popular these days. Go for a perfect beachy look by letting your curly hair grow naturally, and just comb it slightly. You may want to use an elastic curl mousse to hold it tight. This look is just perfect for a party.

Full, Long Curls

Full men Long Curls

Full, long curls is one of the sexiest mens hairstyles for curly hair and very popular with the opposite sex. It makes your hair look fuller and longer. And it is very easy to set as well – all you need to do is to apply a decent amount of styling foam to damp hair after a shower, and then scrunch it. Now, allow the hair to air dry. You will be surprised at the impression you will be able to create with this hairstyle. It works best if you have layered hair.

Forward Fringe

Men's Medium Wavy Hairstyles

Men’s Wavy Hairstyles for Medium Haired Guy

A suitable alternative for Beachy curls is the forward fringe, where you let the hair go at the front and cover your forehead as well. It looks really great for long wavy haired guys.

Short Defined Curls

Short curls for guys

Short defined curls are among the most popular short curly haircuts for men. They work best on hair that has a much tighter curl pattern. You can use this hairstyle even if you have looser curves, but that would give you greater volume. Styling short curly haircuts for men such as short defined curls is always easy: Simply run through a high quality styling gel through damp hair just after a shower and use your fingers to twist the curls together through the hair. Next, air dry the hair. That’s all you need to do to get this smooth and sexy hairstyle.

Slick Back

Wavy Slick Back Haircuts for Men

Men’s Wavy Haircuts with Slick Back

The slick back has been one of the top haircuts for men with wavy hair this year. Slick back looks really great for guys with straight hair and even better when you have wavy hair. You don’t have to work for extra height at the crown; you get that naturally with this hairstyle. You can try using a medium hold product to maintain the waves and to hold your hairstyle in place. In this hairstyle, the sides are cut into a low fade, which gives you the clean cut finish that you are looking for. For a complete hipster look, you may want to try a waxed mustache as well.

Natural Waves

Natural Waves Haircuts for Men

Natural waves are great for men who have had a shorter cut all their life and now want to grow out of it, into something longer and more spectacular. This makes it one of the most popular men curly hairstyles, as it works in both a formal setting just as well as it does at a party. Natural Waves mens hairstyles for curly hair suits all face types. To set this hairstyle, first towel dry the hair as you come out of the shower, then spray a light conditioner throughout. As soon as the hair is dry, apply hair oil to it through the ends, in order to soften the hair and to maintain the frizz.

Wavy Faux Hawx Hairstyles for Guy

Best Short Wavy Hairstyles Ideas For Men

This is an interesting hairstyle that works very well during the summer. The idea is to have long hair on top and short hair at the sides and less hair everywhere else. If you have thick hair that is hard to manage, then this is the look you should go for as it does not require much styling. The length is mostly concentrated on the hair line and cut short elsewhere, while tapering down at the sides. You can wear the hair down, slick it back or try the sexy faux hawk.

Coiffed Curls

Coiffed Curls for Blonde Hair

Coiffed Curls look great on all face types and are among the most popular mens curly haircuts. In this hairstyle, the top is long enough – but not by much – to offer a better movement and texture, without adding to the volume. Coiffed curls work best when your hair is of just the right length to form a curly pattern.

It’s easy enough to get coiffed curls – just apply a quality hair gel evenly through towel dried hair, smoothen the sides and comb it back. Now, pull pieces of the hair together so that you get the right shape and texture.

Short Full Curls

Men short curly hairstyles

Short full curls are among the most popular curly hairstyles for men who have an inconsistent curl pattern. To get this hairstyle, just apply a curl cream to the hair just after a shower. Apply as thoroughly as possible. Pick out some of the curls with your fingers and twist them nicely. Pull out other pieces as well, for a better texture. Allow the hair to dry. This is one of the most effective short curly hairstyles for men and looks spectacular on all face types.

Hope you found the mens wavy hairstyles described here interesting. Long and wavy hair adds an extra dimension to the various hair styles for men. These hairstyles bring texture and volume that enhance every look.


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