The Colorful Pinks Hairstyles

The Colorful Pinks Hairstyles

Creating artwork and styling hair have similar requirement. The sense of art is surely required to gain the best result. Without any sense of art, there is no esthetic aspect which can create amazing impression. Besides dealing with nice and trendy haircut, color also takes crucial role to enhance the esthetic. Color has its own soul that can bring specified effect and feeling to your face. One of the most favorite colors in this hairstyle trend is pink. Pinks hairstyles have been successful to make woman looks unique and attractive. This is not surprising that a woman can gain positive attention from public. If you are interested with pink hairstyle, we have some references which are inspired by popular celebrities.

The Colorful Pinks Hairstyles

Long Straight Alternative Pink Hairstyle

This hairstyle is surely unique on its appearance. The main uniqueness is not only limited to the color or even the style. Both hair treatments meet the unique style. This long straight alternative hairstyle looks so sleek and smooth on its straight texture. The hair ends are blunt cut which can surely come up the future sensation. The hair bangs and side layer are cut straightly. It is surely a spectacular hairstyle that can create compliment for a long face. In order to match up with the smooth texture, the pink color is applied in light and calm level. There is also white highlight that will strengthen amazing look. This long straight hairstyle must be suitable for diamond, oval, and oblong face shapes. The light and fair skin color looks shining to deal with this hairstyle.

The Colorful Pinks Hairstyles

Katy Perry Long Wavy Pink Hairstyle

This is not a secret that Katy Perry is very popular on her colorful hair color. Light and bold colors have been the signature of her hairstyle. One of the most Katy’s favorite colors is pink. She looks charming and attractive to deal with pink hair colors. Long wavy hairstyle is also the trend mark of this popular singer and song writer. This fancy pink hairstyle is dressed in wavy texture. Actually, this wave texture is pointed to liven up the glamour and grace of a woman. In this hairstyle, the updo bang is accepted to bring classic sensation. This hairdo must be suitable with oblong, square, and diamond face shapes.

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